Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I must be doing something wrong...

I fit out a Jaguar after posting that post last night and headed back into the wormhole I found (I had a probe launcher with me this time, just incase, I spent about 45million isk on that ship).

That shot is the Alarm Clock getting pounded by a Sleeper battleship.

With that one little ship, I was able to take on 4 cruisers. I killed 2 of them and that spawned 3 more frigates and a battleship. So all at once, all on my own this time, I was taking on 6 sleeper ships, plus 2 turrets. Sure I had to warp out a couple of times just to be safe, but I had it under control.

Everywhere I look, I'm seeing people telling of how they got totally owned by Sleepers here and there. Sure, I started off in hi-sec so my spawn is an easier one, but still...

I got a lot of cool loot, and even went back for a salvage ship to hoover up all the leavings - I've started training for reverse engineering too so I can see if I can get some Phat Lewt from all the goodies I found.

I think a lot of people have fallen into the old newbie trap of "Must fly biggest badest thing possible into wormhole", my trusty Jaguar does the job brilliantly, I just need to tweak it a little more - shield booster goes on in place of the second multispec hardener (which I can't really perma-run anyway) to minimise the downtime on warpouts!

Small is beautiful.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hey you! Wake Up!

I was a bit cheeky today and downloaded the patch whilst I was at work, installed it all and was ready to go when I got home this afternoon.

All my probes had been converted to Core Probes, so I loaded up my CovOps and set out to see what I could find!

I was in empire space, because that's where I was when I logged off and I figured I'd have the most chance of killing stuff if I started in easier systems!

After about an hour, I found my first site - it was a salvage profession site and I didn't get a whole lot from it about half an hour later though, I got an 'unknown' hit and got very excited.

It took me about 20 minutes to scan down the wormhole - at one point I somehow had 4 probes at 0.25AU, all getting a 100% hit each, they must have all just had an edge on without actually overlapping! crazy!

Finally though, I got the magical green dot and I warped on in

I really like some of the new effects they've added and wormholes have to be the most impressive

Well I didn't come all this way to look at pretty swirls, so of course I hopped on through

I didn't bother dropping any probes and just used the onboard scanner - found 2 'plexes and warped in cloaked

2 frigates, 3 cruisers and 2 turrets. Not gonna get very far launching probes at them, let's go grab a shooty ship and see how we do!

I didn't really plan ahead properly so I only had a crap shield fit Rifter from some work I was doing a few months ago. Off we went - I was joined by a corpmate in an Arbitrator.

I warped in first to test the water and took out one of the frigates on my own - didn't take too much damage at first but they started to chip away at my shields eventually so I warped out then warped back in with my bud. With one frigate down, the second fell pretty quickly and then most of what was left was struggling to hit me. I'm pretty confident that with a few tweaks, the Mordant Core will have a whale of a time in these low-level 'plexes.

After we killed everything but the turrets (they were really hard to kill!), a second wave of 5 cruisers warped in and my corpie's Arby was getting a bit beat up.

We warped out with a handful of interesting bits and pieces, worth about 500k each to NPC buy orders. I didn't get a chance to salvage so I'm not sure what kind of stuff these little rats have to offer.

All in all, a very successful first foray into Sleeper territory and I really enjoyed all the probing to find it. I am liking Apocrypha so far!

Friday, 6 March 2009

busy busy bee

I've been very busy, both in RL and in EVE. I've hardly played this week at all, but last week things moved on quite a bit:

I now have an Orca at my disposal - my industry alt can fly one and I bought a shiny new one Euclidean. I haven't actually used it for much yet, but flying it around with a load of ships loaded onboard is way cool.

I'm working on building my cash reserves back up and with my main combat dude I've decided to spend some time 'Ving up', stuff like Surgical Strike and Navigation always nice to get the last few percent of whatever it is.

I put a POS up for my corp a couple of weeks back, didn't get a chance to post about it, but it looks like we might have to take it back down at some point soon, so I'll probably write about that - all depends on whether or not our CEO logs in any time soon...

Tuesday soon!

It's space Jim, but not as we know it

I just had to repost something I thought was pretty awesome in the latest Dev blog:
So when you enter a wormhole system and see something ‘unusual' off your port bow, proceed with the knowledge that some of the things you know about how your ship performs may no longer be true. Your ship drives may push you faster, your weapons may hit harder, you may find yourself with no shields or less effective armor... and just when you think you've got it all figured out, things may change again!
I'm thinking I'll just find myself a w-space system and live there, I wonder if it's possible to be completely self-sufficient in there, ice? asteroids? I hope so.